APA prepares to launch dynamic new website

APA has a new website in the final stages of development. A killer new feature of the new site is having our Member Portfolio Gallery powered by Behance (https://www.behance.net). Please follow the recommendations below to be ready to join APA’s Portfolio Gallery when our new website launches:

1. If you don’t already have a Behance account – sign-up, it’s free. If you already have a Behance account – relax and do nothing.

2. When our new site launches you will be emailed a link and code to instantly add your account and projects to APA’s creative network. It’s that simple.

We received a question from a member regarding APA’s association with Behance (Adobe) and we would like to acknowledge the concern regarding the terms and conditions for our members posting work on Behance.

APA teamed up with Behance so our members can be part of a large social imaging network and giving our members exposure to their clients that regularly use Behance. Behance is providing us with a powerful image engine to display member’s work in an exclusive gallery for APA members.

APA had an attorney vet their T’s and C’s and though they are not perfect, we believe they are acceptable.
As far as the creative commons license, when uploading images to Behance you have the choice of marking them as copyright protected or available through a creative commons license. We strongly suggest you mark all your images as copyright protected. It’s a very simple thing to do, you do not have to have your images available through a creative commons license ever. We will be recommending to all our members to turn off that feature.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any concerns. We are very excited about this opportunity for members and we take the protection of copyright for photographers very seriously.

Looking to get more involved?

APA is looking for members to join one of several national committees. Please contact us if you like to participate in working on advocacy, marketing or the awards show. We would love to hear from you.

Email: Theresa Raffetto president@apanational.com

On March 3, Agency Access launched a new, completely refreshed website

The new look presents an updated portfolio, beautiful imagery, client success stories, and more. The agile new site showcases all that Agency Access has to offer. Full service marketing products include a database of 94,000, email, print, design and consulting services. Meet the team, order a free print sample pack, inquire about pricing and sign up for a free trial. The process has never been easier.

View it here (http://www.agencyaccess.com)

Conceptual photographer Cade Martin produces imaginative work for Shaw Floors

Washington D.C. based photographer, Cade Martin is known for his unique conceptual work. He’s produced fanciful and whimsical campaigns for a variety of companies including Tazo Tea, The Hay Adams Hotel, Mirabell, Neenah Paper, and Starbucks. Shaw floors recently commissioned Cade to develop a fresh, more imaginative image for the company. Cade knew he’d have to find the perfect location for such a shoot because he wanted to create something mystical and unexpected. A gothic-style castle embellished with gardens and beautiful aged buildings in Georgia proved to be the ideal location. In order to create an intense contrast between the disparate landscape and perfectly polished floors that Shaw Floors was promoting, Cade replaced the cracked stone floors with beautiful hardwood floors, the aged cement with new rugs, and cropped lawns with plush carpets.

To view the photo and read more about the project check out the FoundFolios blog.

APA San Francisco photographer, Ed Zak passes away

Ed Zak

Advertising industry photographer, and long-time APA member Ed Zak, known for his cowboy attire, eclectic collection of San Francisco memorabilia, gruff exterior and big heart, passed away in February. A memorial will take place on March 23rd at the South Park Café in SF from noon to 3PM — RSVP to ed.zak.info@gmail.com.

Thomas Heinser, APA Member, shared his memories of Ed:

In the last couple of weeks I realized how much I miss Ed, often thinking of his unpolished way to join some of my South Park Café lunches with friend or clients, most who knew him or of him. He had dinner there every night, as my wife and I often did too, we would sit together at the bar discussing books or photography.

Only a few times was I allowed inside his legendary garage next to the Café. In it was everything imaginable – antlers, cuckoo clocks, stags, signs, stacks of books and newspapers, prints, portfolios and even a beautifully reconditioned 60’s Porsche.

Ed was a funny man, some days he was a little rough. I first met him some 30 years ago when I wanted to rent a prop from him. Thinking that since we were in the same business, why wouldn’t he let me borrow or rent one of his things – something as simple as kitchen clock. Boy was I wrong. But we worked it out, I got the clock and with time we got along.

Sadly I didn’t take any photos of him. When I asked if he was ready for a portrait at my place, he would respond, “not today”, or just a one word answer.

What a great enrichment it was to know Ed. We’ll miss him dearly.

APA member David Robin shared this:

Ed was the reason I got into photography. My dad had a factory next door to Ed’s studio on Tehama Street when I was growing up. I would hang out in his studio all summer in my early teens and listen to him pontificate. Many celebrities and advertising icons went through that studio on Tehama.

Many knew Ed in his later years as a grumpy old man to be avoided. I knew him as a grumpy old man who inspired me to follow my passion.

He will be missed.

Getty releases 35 million images free for non-commercial use

The business model of providing images for free or at low cost has become a trend among rights-managed agencies. It provides the agency with the opportunity to promote itself while collecting data from the users. More often they are providing little to no compensation to the photographers. We encourage photographers to review their contracts and consider alternatives.

APA, working with other associations, is looking into how artists can be compensated more effectively for the online usage of their work through a statutory licensing system.

Calumet closes

Overnight Calumet ceased operations at all its US locations and online store.

The DC area was the most affected since there are few other options for rentals. Our APA DC chapter is available to assist any member who is having issues from the closure.

Please contact your local APA chapter if you need alternative solutions.

APA Members Win Big in Graphis Photo Annual 2014

A number of APA members can be found in the latest Graphis 2014 Photography Annual. Be inspired by their beautiful images here

Harold Lee Miller
RJ Muna
Lennette Newell
Kristof Dan-Bergman
Robert Tardio
Nicholas Duer
Beth Galton
Patrick Molnar
Erik Almas
Paul Elledge
Stephen Hamilton
David Moser

Photographers on Photographers (POP) profiled APA member Laurie Frankel on her upcoming work in Graphis. http://www.popfoto.net/2014/03/13/snaps-laurie-frankel-for-graphis-2014/

Former APA Member Jim Marshall to be Honored with a Grammy

Jim Marshall © Jock McDonald All Rights Reserved

Jim Marshall, known both for his iconic work shooting great moments in rock and roll history, and for his larger than life personality, will receive a trustee award at the Grammys later this month. Jim was an active member of APA and part of our community. We respectfully honor his memory and present a wonderful short documentary honoring him, and an APA SF blog tribute entitled Remembering Jim Marshall.

APA LA - Modern Marketing for Photographers: Making the Most of Social Media, 2.12.14

The key to marketing success is not wasting your time. If you’ve ever spent time trying to market yourself through Facebook or Twitter, only to feel like you’ve wasted your time, this seminar is the one for you. Grover Sanschagrin, co-founder of PhotoShelter, will talk about the ways in which social media can contribute significantly to a photographer’s marketing efforts. Free to APA members. More info.